USMEF Announces Realignment


Yesterday the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) announced a realignment of its staffing resources to address the challenges and needs of the organization and its members.  According to a press release from the federation, this structure will enable USMEF to achieve its export mission in a significantly more competitive and demanding trade environment and provide enhanced services to USMEF members and the international marketplace.

Jim Peterson, a Montana producer and USMEF Chairman, told Northern Ag Network that this move will help to ensure that the U.S. is at the table with foreign markets.

USMEF President and CEO Philip Seng also announced the addition of a new member to the senior management team: Dan Halstrom, former senior vice president for international sales at JBS, USA, who joins USMEF as senior vice president for marketing and communications.

“The opportunity we have to add a knowledgeable industry leader with 26 years of international multi-species experience like Dan Halstrom also presented the opportunity to realign our staff to maximize our skills and the benefits we can offer to our membership.”  Virtually all of Halstrom’s career has involved the international sale of U.S. pork and beef.  He served in similar roles with JBS, Swift & Company, ConAgra Foods and Monfort of Colorado after beginning his career with Swift Independent Packing Company.

Separately, USMEF’s core functions have been realigned into three primary centers:

• The Center for Exporter Services, which will focus on trade facilitation and enhancing the ability of exporters to sell more product internationally in an open and trouble-free environment.  Thad Lively will oversee this group with Paul Clayton continuing in his role as senior vice president focused on resolving technical issues.

• The Center for Marketing and Communications under Halstrom will focus on international market development and USMEF’s internal customers, its membership.

• The Center for Operations under Janel Domurat encompasses the operational functions that are essential for managing the organization, including accounting, administration and human resources for Denver and the international organization.

“This new structure will more effectively distribute management responsibility and accountability throughout the organization,” said Seng.  “Support for the reorganization from the USMEF executive committee has been strong from the outset.”


Source: U.S. Meat Export Federation

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