Watch Lane Nordlund Reporting from Montana’s 20th Annual Envirothon


For 20 years the Montana Envirothon, sponsored by Montana's Conservation Districts, has been bringing high school students to Lewistown, Montana every April. The Envirothon was established as a competitive, problem-solving, natural resource event for high school students to challenge them about the environment. Thousands of high school students have met the challenge and have come away wiser and more concerned about the natural world and their environment.

Students are trained and tested in five natural resource areas: soils, aquatics, forestry, and wildlife plus a fifth environmental issue that embraces a current problem which this year was based on urban forestry.

Lane Nordlund spoke with the coordinator of the event Shonny Nordlund (yes that is Lane's Mom) who is the Administrator for the Fergus County Conservation District.  He also spoke with Cody Boyce of Lewistown, MT who was a competitor in the event. Cody also was just elected as the Montana FFA State Secretary.

See footage of the event and Lane's interviews with Shonny Nordlund and Cody Boyce below:


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