WBC Appoints New Producer of Range Cattle Rep


Dianne Kirkbride of Cheyenne has been appointed to serve as a Producer of Range Cattle representative on the Wyoming Beef Council (WBC).   Board members are appointed by Governor Dave Freudenthal to serve three-year terms on the governing council.   Kirkbride was also chosen by the WBC to serve as one of two Wyoming Directors to the Federation of State Beef Councils.

Dianne and her husband, Jon, are an integral part of the Harding and Kirkbride Livestock Co. in southeast Wyoming.  She is a past President of the Wyoming CattleWomen, held numerous committee and leadership positions with the American National CattleWomen and was named their 2001 CattleWoman of the Year.  She was the representative from Wyoming to the Cattlemen’s Beef Board from 2004 until 2010, serving on numerous committees and in leadership positions on that board. Dianne has also served in various positions for the United Medical Center Board of Trustees.  Dianne works in the Cheyenne office of U.S. Senator Mike Enzi and is President of the Wyoming Congressional Award Council.

Contributions to the Federation of State Beef Councils provide representation from Wyoming to fill Federation board seats.  Kirkbride and Jim Rogers, of Laramie, will serve on committees and direct national programs funded with checkoff dollars. As Wyoming Checkoff Directors, they will attend two Federation (Checkoff) meetings each year and present reports on these meetings to WBC members.

The WBC is a five-member board of beef producers who administer the Wyoming beef checkoff assessment.  Their goal is to increase beef demand.  WBC members implement the provisions of the federal order establishing the checkoff, determine a yearly marketing plan, and evaluate the effectiveness of statewide checkoff programs.

For more information on beef checkoff funded activities in Wyoming visit www.wybeef.com


Source: Wyoming Beef Council

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