We Kept Block Management, Oppose Wild Bison


After much consideration, we have decided to keep our lands open to hunters and sportsmen by participating in the Block Management Program this hunting season. This decision does not come easily as we are adamantly opposed to MTFWP and their partners’ plans to introduce free roaming bison in Montana.  It is important for us to continue our relationship with hunters and sportsmen who respect private property rights. We have chosen to allow them the ability to enjoy wildlife and the outdoors on our property.


We challenge all landowners participating in the Block Management Program, to donate the monetary compensation from the program to organizations that; oppose the introduction of free roaming bison, protect and strengthen private property rights, and work for transparency in government.

As part of our challenge, the following suggested organizations are worthy of these donations:


  • Citizens for Balanced Use
  • Montana Farm Bureau
  • Montana Policy Institute
  • United Property Owners of Montana
  • American Land Rights Association
  • MT Community Preservation Alliance
  • Montana Stockgrowers Association





Four D Farm & Ranch

DePuydt Farms Inc.

Prairie Trail Ranch Inc.

Brian DePuydt

Tom DePuydt




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