What if the Real World were like Farmville?


Established in 1987, the Animal Agriculture Alliance includes individuals, companies, and organizations who are interested in helping consumers better understand the role animal agriculture plays in providing a safe, abundant food supply to a hungry world.

A recent project from the Alliance points out that farming online isn’t reflective of the daily happenings in production agriculture.

Why does the positive story of animal agriculture need to be told?

The average American is now at least three generations removed from the farm and has become dependent on supermarkets and restaurants to supply almost all of their food needs. Because of the success of animal agriculture, the public has heard little with regard to animal well-being. The fact is that ‘news’ is generally made only when the news is negative. The story of how many people one producer can feed today or of how many people ate today without any food related illnesses just doesn’t make headlines. The positive message of feeding the world safely and inexpensively doesn’t sell papers or network advertising. Therefore, animal agriculture has often found itself on the defensive and must become proactive in order to make a real impact.


Source:  Animal Agriculture Alliance

Posted by Haylie Shipp



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