What is the Future for Wild Bison in Montana?


That’s the basic question at least one Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks biologist will wrestle with over the coming year.

Arnold Dood, the Montana FWP Native Species Biologist Bison Coordinator spoke with Northern Ag on Monday about the possibility of developing and maintaining a wild bison herd in the state of Montana.

Listen to the entire interview between Haylie Shipp and Dood.


Following is information coming from the Montana FWP:

Arnold Dood, a 33-year FWP veteran, will crisscross the state to talk about bison with groups and communities.

“We’ll talk about bison and whether or not it makes sense to have a wild, free-ranging population somewhere in Montana,” Dood said.   “Where can wild bison exist and be managed like wild deer, elk, or antelope?”

In addition to statewide presentations and discussions, FWP has created a way for others to offer opinions via an online survey .   Results will help FWP design a scientific survey of randomly selected Montana households later this year.  

“There are wild bison in other places,” said Dave Risley, administrator of FWP’s Fish and Wildlife division in Helena.   “Bison have strong romantic and emotional ties to Western history. As the state agency responsible for Montana’s wildlife, we need to explore all alternatives for bison management.”  

Presentations and discussions on the future of bison in Montana will be accommodated on request.   FWP will also develop a schedule of presentations for various groups.   To arrange for a presentation call 406-994-6780.

For more information, or to take the online survey, visit FWP’s Web site at www.fwp.mt.gov. Click Bison Future . Or send an email to adood@mt.gov .


Source:  Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks

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