Where the Sheep Hang Out According to Google



Google Sheep View is exactly what it sounds like: A collection of Google Street View snapshots that just happen to have sheep in them from around the world.  There's even a hilarious outtakes section where people posted pictures they thought were of sheep, but were mistaken.  



Photographers Ding Ren and Mike Karabinos write that they started the site this year “because we enjoy the 'sheep view' when riding trains in the Netherlands.” Apparently, they aren't the only ones based on the rising popularity of the site.  





In an interview with Mashable, Ren and Karabinos said they use “process of elimination” to find the sheep by mostly searching through rural areas the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Both are big fans of the game GeoGuessr (where you guess a location based on a Google Street View snapshot), so finding sheep in the pictures is just part of the fun.  Good to know that people still like the idea of sheep out grazing (unlike the certain wildlife organizations trying to stop sheep grazing on public lands)


Check it out, you won't be sorry:  http://googlesheepview.tumblr.com/

Here at Northern Ag Network, we wondered just how many Google Street view shots from around our area could be tagged in Google Sheep view?  However, it didn't take us long to realize we could easily spend a whole day just looking for sheep!   Now, can we find a Google Cattle View…


Sources:  Google Sheep View, WXPI

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