Where To Go To Test Your Wool


As many in the industry learned during the American Sheep Industry Annual Convention in January, this year will be a transitional year for the testing of American wool.

Texas A&M AgriLife is in the process of turning its existing wool testing facility into a commercially viable lab that will be able to handle the needs of the American wool industry. But the facility won’t be fully functional in time for the spring 2020 season. In the meantime, the New Zealand Wool Testing Authority Laboratory will provide testing services.

ASI recently issued instructions for commercial wool testing for this season. Those needing testing will need to register with the NZWTA by emailing testing@nzwta.co.nz and the lab will provide users with all of the relevant forms and documentation, including: test request forms to complete and include with each sample; a credit application form; guidelines for exporting samples to NZWTA; a copy of the import permit that allows NZWTA to bring foreign wool into New Zealand; a copy of the import declaration form; and documents related to payment options.

Samples should then be packaged and shipped to NZWTA. FedEx and DHL have proven to be the fastest, most reliable options.

Length and strength testing are available with NZWTA. Samples/tufts can be placed in “pocket packs,” then rolled and shipped. Packs contain more than 60 tufts and the entire bag weighs approximately 5 ounces. These can be shipped with the core samples.

NZWTA is the only wool testing organization in the world that allows customers direct, secure access into its system. The MyWTA electronic portal allows customers to: see the status of lots in real time; see results as they become available, download and print test reports; and more. Contact NZWTA to register.

For those needing fleece testing, several labs in the United States are available.



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