Wild Horse Roundup Underway in SW WY


In the Adobe Town and Salt Wells area of southwest Wyoming, there is a wild horse gather underway.  In looking this morning to the Wyoming BLM’s website, they tell that as of October 16th, 525 animals had been gathered.  The goal for this roundup is to gather approximately 1,950 wild horses.  Then roughly 100 mares will be treated with a fertility control vaccine and released back.  Approximate 1,580 excess horses will be removed and most will then be available for adoption.

Northern Ag spoke with Jason Fearneyhough, Director of the Wyoming Department of Agriculture, about the roundup.

Approximately 860 wild horses will remain which the BLM says is the appropriate management level (AML) for this herd complex. AML is the point at which the herd’s population is consistent with the land’s capacity to support wild horses in balance with other public rangeland uses and resources.


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Haylie Shipp



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