WSGA Convention Underway in Casper!


The 2010 Winter Roundup for the Wyoming Stock Growers Association is underway in Casper.  The theme for this year is “The Next Generation” and WSGA is practicing what they preach!  For the first time, the organization gave 10 scholarships to Wyoming college students wanting to attend the convention.   Paying their way to this convention is a way for the organization to pay it forward.  The result is a group of fresh, young faces!  The students are all studying degrees in agriculture ranging from animal science to agricultural communication.

Here are a few highlights/tidbits from the 2010 Winter Roundup:

  • It would take 125,000 pounds of beef to add up to the amount of estrogen that is in one standard birth control pill.  (Dr. Greg Quakenbush, Pfizer)
  • The WSGA launched their official Twitter account today!  Find it here!
  • With roles about to change in Washington, D.C., it is possible that the funding cut that eliminated USDA inspectors in horse processing facilities may be revisited.  (Dustin Van Liew, Public Lands Council)
  • The Wyoming Stock Growers Ag Land Trust (WSGALT) is celebrating their 10th anniversary!
  • Since 1955, we’ve doubled beef production with half as many cattle.  If we were still utilizing 1955 technology, we’d need 83 million more cattle and extreme increases in acreage to produce that same amount of beef.  (Dr. Greg Quakenbush, Pfizer)
  • The Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) holds the patent for PZP.  This is the fertility drug used for wild horses.  (Dustin Van Liew, Public Lands Council)

While the first portion of the convention has had an extremely positive focus on the future of agriculture, Tuesday’s portion is going to focus on the reality of estate planning.  One highlight will include a panel of producers sharing their own successes and failures as they address the issue.  Another highlight of Tuesday evening will be the annual banquet.  The Wyoming NFR team has been invited to attend.  Frank Shepperson, 2010 WSGA President, told us that four had confirmed their attendance as of this afternoon.

For more information about this year’s convention, take a look at the agenda.  Registration is ongoing and everyone is welcome to attend.


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Haylie Shipp


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