WY Livestock Board Issues Notice of Delinquent Brands Renewal


One of the most common things we hear in the brand recording office of the Wyoming Livestock Board is: when is my brand due for renewal. We currently finished the 2017 brand renewal which included a total of 8,406 brands.

Although we renewed approximately 80 percent of those brands, we still have a lot of brands on our delinquent list. The brands on the delinquent list are held for the rightful owners to renew until December 31, 2017 with an additional delinquent fee attached. The majority of the brands on this list were due to insufficient address’s that were returned to the Wyoming Livestock Board as not able to forward.

Our website has a current list of delinquent brands still available to be renewed by the persons who currently own the brand. As of January 1, 2018, all delinquent brands will be added to our current list of abandoned brands and will be available to the public on a first come, first serve basis. Please check the list to make sure your brand is not listed due to an insufficient address, or if a relative or friend is listed.

Also, if you browse through the delinquent list and know any of the producers who have moved or live in another state, please have them contact us at 307-777-7515. We appreciate your time and ask that you keep your address current if you own a livestock brand in Wyoming.

Source: WY Livestock Board

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Pax Irvine

How do I see a list of delinquent Wyoming Brands?? We have a family brand that we sure don’t want to lose, and I would drive to Cheyenne if it would help !! The brand belonged to Sally Irvine, and it was an open A open box. She passed away in 1991, but Frank Moore Irvine had use of it until he passed away 1 year ago. No evidence of the brand in 2019 Brand book, so where is it?
I have lost several brands to this Bureaucracy in past years, I’m 69 years old and have been in the livestock business my whole life. Thanks, Pax Irvine

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