Wyoming Creates Trich “Special Focus Area”


The following is a press release from the Wyoming Livestock Board:

At its March 19, 2012 meeting, the Wyoming Livestock Board adopted a board order effective immediately, creating a Trichomoniasis Special Focus Area that includes all of Uinta County, Lincoln County excluding the area north and east of Fontenelle Creek Road, and the area of Sweetwater County south of Interstate Highway 80 and west of the Green River, south to the Colorado state Line.

The order requires that all bulls nine (9) months of age and older originating in or brought into the area defined must be tested for Trichomoniasis one time prior to May 31, 2012 and before being turned in with female cattle.  This requirement applies to all bulls whether they are run on common grazing pastures or run on private property with or without commingling with other producer’s cattle.

All bulls required to be tested must be branded with the current owner’s registered Wyoming brand or seasonal brand and all tested bulls must be identified with a current year Wyoming Livestock Board Trichomoniasis test identification tag.  Trichomoniasis test results must be provided to the Wyoming Livestock Board within 30 days of test results and before bulls are turned in with any female cattle.

Bulls running at large within the defined focus area that are not identified with the proper Trichomoniasis test identification tag may be taken up and held with proper care with notice given to the board and appropriate investigative action will be taken.

Bona fide seed-stock producers within the focus area may apply with the state veterinarian for a test exemption for virgin bulls.  The state veterinarian is responsible for verifying virgin status and producer’s management capabilities to assure bulls have not had reproductive exposure.

The Wyoming Livestock Board will open its Chapter 15 Trichomoniasis rules this year to further address infected herds, quarantines, identification of bulls, and other issues pertinent to Trichomoniasis in Wyoming cattle.  The board will accept informal public comment on the existing rules and on this board order through the coming months.  Please send your thoughts and opinions on Trichomoniasis and the current rules to WLSB, 1934 Wyott Drive, Cheyenne, WY 82002.

For a copy of this board order and/or the Chapter 15 rules, please call (307) 777-7515, or visit us on the web at http://wlsb.state.wy.us/animalhealth.htm#Trichomoniasis.

For further information or questions, please contact Dr. Jim Logan, WY State Veterinarian, at (307) 421-1682 or Dr. Chris Strang, WLSB Field Veterinarian at (307) 256-4019.

Source:  Wyoming Livestock Board

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