Wyoming Ranchers Settle $6.8 Million Wildfire Lawsuit With Federal Government



According to a report in LaramieLive, (http://bit.ly/2bcn8JX) the owners of a Wyoming ranch have settled a $6.8 million lawsuit against the federal government for damages during the 2012 Sawmill Fire caused by Colorado Army National Guard troops during training. 


Kevin and Susan Rothschild, owners of the  5,000-acre Bulls Bend Ranch located south of Glendo WY, filed the lawsuit against the National Guard for damages caused to their property, according to a lawsuit they filed in May 2015.


Despite fire bans put in place by the Platte County Commission due to extremely dry weather, the Colorado troops used live ammunition and explosives during a training at Camp Guernsey that caused the Sawmill Fire which burned over 22 square miles, including 2,000 acres on the Rothschilds’ ranch.


The government should have known better, according to the amended complaint filed by the Cheyenne law firm the Kuker Group, which represents the Rothschilds.


“The Defendant, through its negligent supervision of its agents and as a direct and proximate consequence of their acts, was further negligent, irresponsible, reckless, and acted without regard for plaintiff’s property by not having any fire extinguishing equipment or other controls in place to control and minimize the risk of fire from their activities,” according to the amended complaint.


Court records do not identify the specific amount the Rothschilds received.

Source:  LaramieLive

Pixabay photo: CC0 Public Domain

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