Wyoming Wheat Marketing Commission meeting, Lingle WY


Wyoming Wheat Marketing Commission meeting in Lingle


CHEYENNE (March 2, 2016) – The Wyoming Wheat Marketing Commission (WWMC) will meet Tuesday, March 9 at the University of Wyoming Sustainable Agriculture Research and Extension Center (SAREC) in Lingle, WY.


The WWMC meeting will begin at 9:00 a.m. and the agenda will include review the financial report, conduct an annual review of strategic plan and personnel, review the budget for 2017-2018 biennium, receive reports from the president and executive director, and hear about needed rule changes. Along with this there will be a possible discussion with Dr. Carrie Eberle regarding research at SAREC and address any other business as needed.

The Wyoming Wheat Marketing Commission goals are to develop and maintain wheat markets in the national and global marketing of wheat while partnering with the National Association of Wheat Growers (NAWG) and US Wheat. The Commission supports local sampling, quality testing of wheat, producer education and research. Communication efforts with producers, agencies, and other entities involved with wheat production is an ongoing project. WMC offers workshops and seminars on producer’s opportunities and consumer education. 

The meeting is open to the public. The UW-SAREC building is located at 2753 State Highway 157 in Lingle, WY. For more information on the Wyoming Wheat Marketing Commission and a copy of the agenda, please visit http://www.wyomingwheat.com.

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