153… 186… 216…


This week the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Commission will meet in Helena to discuss wolf hunt quotas for the 2010 hunting season.

In May, the commission approved quota alternatives of 153, 186 or 216 wolves in 14 management areas.

To date, the agency has received about 1,500 comments.

The commission will meet on Thursday and recommend a quota of 186 wolves in this year’s hunt. That’s up from 75 in 2009.

State Wolf Program Coordinator Carolyn Sime told Northern Ag Network what else the commission will be discussing.

Montana’s wolf hunting season is scheduled to begin this fall.  However, it could be postponed or even cancelled if U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy rules in favor of environmental groups and re-lists the wolf on the Endangered Species List.

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Russell Nemetz



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