5 Agricultural Accounts You Should Follow on Instagram


By Katie Ligouri, Bayer CropScience


Bayer CropScience is has officially been on Instagram for about two months and, let’s face it – we’re hooked. We are so excited to share photos and connect with growers, future farmers, and anyone interested in the wonderful world of agriculture.  


We have explored the Instagram landscape, scoured hundreds of farm and tractor photos, and crafted a list of must follow accounts.  There are so many great instAGrams out there, it was tough to narrow it down! Here are our favorites:    



National FFA


Why you should follow: Get an inside look on what the future farmers and agriculture leaders of America are up to.





jay hill 


Why you should follow: Jay is a farmer in New Mexico who combines gorgeous shots of his farm with a rather spiffy sock collection. 




 local farm mom



Why you should follow: Kristin Reese is a farm mom and foodie from Ohio, and her account chronicles the life of a busy farm mom raising two kids and lots of sheep. 




ugly fruit and vegetables


Why you should follow: Ugly Fruit And Veg, part of EndFoodWaste.org, is dedicated to helping solve the food waste problem through the (often funny) appreciation of uglier produce. (Ugly Fruit And Veg photo from http://www.coopzeitung.ch/unique)




katie pinke


Why you should follow: Katie is a good friend of ours who lives on the prairies of North Dakota.  Fair warning – her pictures of farm life in North Dakota will make you want to book a one way ticket, even in the dead of winter. 


If you have any suggestions to add or must follow accounts we should know about, please tweet them to @Bayer4CropsUS, or let us know on our Instagram page https://instagram.com/bayer4cropsus. Use #LetsFarm to show how your growing season is starting & join our Instagram conversation!





Source:  BayerCropsUS

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