What is Your Farm Bill Wish List?


While work on the 2012 Farm Bill may or may not get underway here in 2011, Montana Senator Max Baucus hosted what he called the “first of many” Farm Bill listening sessions in Forsyth on Monday. 

Concerns expressed from the crowd included:

  • There are too many programs and outdated FSA software.
  • While conservation programs are important, a strong safety net is a key component of the Farm Bill
  • Is the current sugar policy keeping Montana sugar from being competitive with world prices?
  • Will there be cuts to the Federal Crop Insurance Program?
  • Could some money be put forward to help young farmers?
  • Are direct payments going to get the axe?

After the meeting, Senator Baucus spoke with Haylie Shipp about the 2012 Farm Bill, threats to cut funding to current programs and national monuments.

As Senator Baucus gave during this interview, his personal email is maxbaucus@earthlink.net.  His direct phone line is (202) 224-4375.   Senator Baucus also held a second listening session at the Miles City Livestock Commission.  Senator Baucus will continue to host these listening sessions as the 2012 Farm Bill is developed.


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Haylie Shipp


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