70 Yearling Ewes Suspiciously Missing from Wyoming Ranch

by Andy Schwab

A Wright, WY sheep producer is asking for the public’s help in locating 70 head of yearling ewes. Guy Edwards and his father noticed over the weekend that their flock of 400 located 30 miles southeast of Gillette seemed a little shy. After scavenging the area and checking the fences, they knew something was not right.

That led to a double check of their record books which confirmed their intuition and forced Edwards called the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office for further assistance. It was during a second search of their 2,200 acre pasture that they discovered an area of trampled grass along a fence line and tire marks leading away.

Edwards believed that is likely the area where rustlers loaded the ewes on either Thursday or Friday night (July 6th or 7th). However, he is hopeful they can be located as all of them were branded and marked with either red paint brands with blue and yellow ear tags or blue paint brands in the letters ‘EG’ and carrying orange ear tags. Those particular yearling ewes with the ‘EG’ brand also have left cropped ears in a symbol of Edwards home raised ewes while the others are “full eared on both sides” and the ear tags start with a ‘K’.

If anyone has any leads into the disappearance, they are asked to call the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office 307) 682-7271 or Chris Strang with the Wyoming Livestock Board Law Enforcement, 307-777-8095.


Northern Ag Network – 2023

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Grant Taylor

that meat is already sold at illegal mexican butchers shops operating out of their pickup trucks… they love America free money every where just waiting to be picked up

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