84{e7e4ba4d9a3c939171d79cae1e3a0df1d41e5a91c3c4158fbb92284b490bc9d3} of Texas Ranchers Reduce Herd Size


CHICAGO (Dow Jones )– About 84{e7e4ba4d9a3c939171d79cae1e3a0df1d41e5a91c3c4158fbb92284b490bc9d3} of Texas cattle ranchers reduced the size of their herds as a result of the severe drought in the state, according to a survey by the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association.

Cattle ranchers across the southern plains are facing drought conditions that many observers compare to the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. As pasture lands and water supplies have dried up, many have had little choice but to sell off cattle.

The Texas trade group surveyed its membership of more than 15,000 cattle producers, ranching families and livestock businesses. Of them, about 92{e7e4ba4d9a3c939171d79cae1e3a0df1d41e5a91c3c4158fbb92284b490bc9d3} said they hope to start rebuilding their herds next year, assuming drought conditions ease. The remaining 8{e7e4ba4d9a3c939171d79cae1e3a0df1d41e5a91c3c4158fbb92284b490bc9d3} said they planned to hold no cattle next year before acting to rebuild their herds.

The group’s surveys also point to the historically high rate of herd reduction that’s taken place in states like Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico, which together represent a major source of cattle for the U.S. beef industry.

Of the ranchers who’ve reduced their holdings, the average reduced his or her herd by 38{e7e4ba4d9a3c939171d79cae1e3a0df1d41e5a91c3c4158fbb92284b490bc9d3}. Some of those reductions represent animals that have changed hands, such as weaned calves being sold to feedlots, where animals are fattened before they’re slaughtered.

Source: Dow Jones

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