87th Annual WY State Ram, Douglas WY


The Wyoming Wool Growers has historically conducted one of the premier Ram Sales in the region. We are pleased to announce our 87th Annual WY State Ram sale will be held September 15, 2015 at the Wyoming State Fair Grounds Douglas, Wyoming.

The Wyoming State Ram sale offers the highest quality rams meeting some of the most rigorous standards of any sale in the country. The WWGA's Wyoming State Ram Sale, offers range rams, stud rams, and rams for those with smaller flocks as well.  This sale, while billed as a range ram sale, has produced rams which meet some of the most discriminating purebred buyer’s requirements. 

2014 High Selling Ram, consigned by
Hageman Sisters Rambouillets
sold for $4300, and was
purchased by Lane Giannonatti

ClickSale Highlights
for complete 2014 results

Our sale has also rendered some of the highest prices for stud rams in the nation, indicating the tremendous quality which comes through the State Ram Sale. In addition, a select group of the highest performing black face rams from the 2015 WWGA/Mountain States Lamb Cooperative/ UW Ram Sire Test will be consigned to the Sale, bringing with them GrowSafe Data, highlighted by Rate of Gain, Cost Per Pound Gained, Loin Eye Area, and Back Fat Measurement. GrowSafe Data will also be featured for several white face rams, which participated in a separate ram test as well. To read about the GrowSafe program click here. All Consignors have either ELISA tested their rams for epididymitis, or the rams originate in a certified brucella ovis “free” herd. Many will be semen tested and gene tested for scrappie resistance. In our commitment to uncompromising quality, all rams will again be rigidly sifted by a panel of noted western sheepmen and knowledgeable veterinarians for soundness and health defects. It is our intention that all rams meet the highest quality standards for which the Wyoming State Ram Sale is noted.

While the State Ram Sale is about the business of transferring genetics within the sheep industry, it is also a time when sheep producers get together to visit, discuss the industry, and renew old, and make new, acquaintances. The two days spent in Douglas are intended to be fulfilling, informative and fun, and we think we meet those goals every year!

Only the healthiest, highest quality rams from some of the nation’s premier breeders will be accepted for the sale, assuring buyers that our rams are truly the BEST IN THE WEST!

Hope to see you at the 87th Annual Wyoming State Ram Sale
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