APHIS Finally Changing Brucellosis Rules!


As our region struggles with ongoing brucellosis investigations, published in Monday’s Federal Register was the will of USDA’s Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service to establish an interim rule and request for comments concerning revisions to the agency’s testing and certification requirements for brucellosis.

Specifically, APHIS is wants to amend the brucellosis regulations to reduce the amount of testing required to maintain Class Free status for states that have been Class Free for five or more years and have no Brucella abortus in wildlife.

Also, APHIS want to remove the provision for automatic reclassification of any Class Free state or area to a lower status if two or more herds are found to have brucellosis within a two-year period or if a single brucellosis-affected herd is not depopulated within 60 days.

CLICK HERE to read what they’ve proposed and learn how to submit your comments.  The comment deadline is February 25.


Posted by Haylie Shipp



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