Be “Bear Aware” as Yogi Leaves Hibernation


Spring has almost sprung.  Not only does that have farmers itching to get into their fields, but it has bears making their way out of hibernation.


Here are some tips for being in bear country from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks:

  • Do not put out salt licks, grain, or deer blocks to attract wild animals as these create areas of concentrated animal scent that will then draw in bears and mountain lions.
  • Use native plant landscaping whenever possible. Be aware that a watered lawn with lush grass, clover, and dandelions is an attractive feeding site for bears.
  • Close all windows when not at home or when cooking.
  • Talk to your children about bears and how to avoid them.
  • Have a plan in case a bear comes inside your home and keep bear pepper spray handy. Give a bear that is in your home an escape route by propping all doors open with something heavy that will act as a doorstop.
  • Never approach a bear in your yard, always give bears an escape route and never crowd or harass a bear.

And while it's one thing to tell humans not the “harass a bear,” it's a bit harder to reason with a hungry bear when it comes to livestock.  If you've had any problem animals lurking around, contact Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks or Wyoming Game and Fish immediately.  CLICK HERE for tips to keep safe if you have an encounter yourself.





Photo from US Fish and Wildlife Service 

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Haylie Shipp


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