Beef Replacement Heifers Down 5{b5a992b8e63762954627fabd02ae0ce4cbdce5a7319b086354586c608f95fa42}


The USDA released its January 1 “Cattle Inventory Report” at the end of last week.  The report told that all cattle and calves in the U.S. as of January 1 totaled 92.6 million head.  This is 1 percent below the 93.9 million on January 1, 2010 and the lowest since 1958.

While the lower total inventory numbers weren’t too much of a surprise, analysts looking at the numbers were shocked by the fewer than expected heifers being held as beef replacements.  This, they say, points to still higher cattle prices ahead.

  • Beef replacement heifers, 5.2 million, down 5 percent.
  • Milk replacement heifers, 4.6 million, up 1 percent.

And how did we look at home?

In the all cattle and calves category, Montana is down 50,000 head or 2 percent.  Wyoming is down 20,000 head.  That’s also a 2 {b5a992b8e63762954627fabd02ae0ce4cbdce5a7319b086354586c608f95fa42} decline.  South Dakota is down 3 percent, having lost 100,000 head and North Dakota’s loss of 20,000 head represents a 1{b5a992b8e63762954627fabd02ae0ce4cbdce5a7319b086354586c608f95fa42} decrease.

For more from this report, visit the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service release.


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Haylie Shipp



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