BLM Director Says Horse Processing Not Viable


The following article is from the Los Angeles Times:

Reporting from Las Vegas — Slaughtering wild horses for food isn’t a viable option for thinning herds that have strained public lands throughout the West, the federal Bureau of Land Management director told supporters of horse processing plants Tuesday.

Instead, the agency plans to give mares birth control in hopes of diminishing the need for controversial horse roundups, Bob Abbey said at the Summit of the Horse conference in Las Vegas. The BLM, he said, also will continue promoting adoption and seeking locations to place captured horses other than its holding pens.

“Make no mistake, they deserve to be treated the best way that we can treat them,” Abbey told dozens of people who support the opening of a horse processing plant in Wyoming.

Horse trainer Dave Duquette, the president of conference sponsor United Horsemen, dismissed the BLM’s view as shortsighted and a waste of government dollars.

“What’s palatable to public opinion and what needs to happen are two different things,” he said after Abbey’s hourlong appearance.

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Posted by Haylie Shipp


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