Sask. Government to Fund Cattle Traceability


The following is portion of an article from the Leader-Post:

REGINA — A program to encourage producers to put identification tags their cattle — and keep them on — will receive $50,000 from the province’s voluntary traceability fund, Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart announced Monday

The Ministry of Agriculture will provide $25,000 to the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association (SSGA) for a cattle tag retention project that will determine which tags and tagging techniques work best to maximize retention.

The project is part of a national study of beef cattle operations in five provinces. The purpose of tagging cattle is to assist in the identification and tracing of animals.

Tags are placed in an animal’s ear and are intended to remain there for the life of the animal. However, many cattle producers have reported tags fall out after a relatively short period of time.

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Source:  Leader-Post

Posted by Haylie Shipp


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