BLM Director Talks Monuments with Northern Ag


National BLM Director Bob Abbey was in Montana Monday installing the new Montana/Dakotas state director in Billings.  It’s the second time that Abbey has been in Montana in roughly as many months after speaking in Malta mid-September.  He spoke about the potential for national monument designations in northern Montana and about the document, which he says he is the primary author of, that was leaked to cause this whole firestorm. 

In Malta, the majority of the crowd came out to tell the director, “No monuments.” 

So, what message did he bring back to D.C.?

We asked if the national monument talk had any link to the Administration’s “Great Outdoors Initiative.”

In discussing the recent election results, Director Abbey told us that he didn’t think the changes would have too great of an effect on the BLM.


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Haylie Shipp



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