Board of Directors Set Strategic Priorities for Upcoming Fiscal Year




BILLINGS, MONTANA–The Montana Beef Council (MBC) Board of Directors met on May 16 in Billings to determine their strategic priorities for the 2017 fiscal year, which will begin on October 1, 2016. Following the strategic planning session the board held their business meeting and received updates on current beef promotion and education programs underway. The strategic planning session will guide potential contractors and board members as they carry out the mission of protecting and increasing demand for beef.


“It is important to establish priorities because it helps us improve our performance, stimulate forward-thinking and maximize our resources,” said Kristin Larson, Montana Beef Council president. “Further, it helps us clarify our future direction and provides a solid foundation for our decision-making.”


In action during the business meeting, the MBC Board of Directors—all volunteers, including members from nearly all segments of the beef supply chain—approved the following strategic priorities for the upcoming fiscal year.


Core Strategy- Promote and Strengthen Beef’s Value Proposition

Ø       Strategic Initiative: Connect and communicate directly with consumers– Capitalize on flexible new media technologies and innovative communication tactics to design and deliver memorable messages directly to consumers, regarding beef's quality, safety and nutritional value and the beef community’s commitment to animal well-being and the sustainable use of natural resources.

Ø       Strategic Initiative: Research and Communicate Beef’s Nutritional Benefits– Invest in credible research to assess, document and communicate the value of beef’s nutritional and health benefits.


Core Strategy – Grow Consumer Trust in Beef and Beef Production

Ø       Strategic Initiative: Engage beef advocates– Engage the entire beef community in building consumer trust. A critical component must be increasing opportunities for food industry influencers to get first-hand experiences with beef producers and beef production practices, thereby protecting beef’s image. Additional components include ensuring beef safety and antibiotic stewardship utilizing certified and verified production practice standards.


Core Strategy – Drive Growth in Beef Exports

Ø       Strategic Initiative: Promote Unique Attributes of U.S. Beef– Promote the unique attributes of U.S. beef in foreign markets (quality, safety, sustainability and nutritional value) and support increased market access to key export markets.


Core Strategy – Protect and Enhance the Business Climate for Beef

Ø       Strategic Initiative: Attract, Develop and Enable the Next Generation– Attract, develop and enable the next generation into the beef business.


Core Strategy – Inform and Educate Beef Checkoff Investors

Ø       Strategic Initiative: Communicate Beef Checkoff Programs and Results with Investors– Utilize a variety of media and communication methods to educate, inform and build awareness around Beef Checkoff programs and results with beef producers.


The Montana Beef Council is active throughout the year on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and can be found at


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