NILE Coordinating Leachman Horses Donations


The following is a press release from the NILE:

The NILE is currently working in cooperation with the Yellowstone County Sheriff’s office to collect a list of names of people interested in donating resources for the Leachman Horses, now being referred to as Operation Home Place.  The call for donations is in response to the five misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty filed by the Yellowstone County Attorney’s Office against Leachman last Friday. 

“At this time we feel the first priority is hay, grass or grass/alfalfa hay. We will need water tanks, over 100 gallons, but the first need is for hay,” said NILE General Manager, Justin Mills.  “After looking at the horses on Sunday and talking with Dr. Jeff Peila, we feel that the horses have more than an adequate amount of water thanks largely to the warmer weather that we have had lately.”

Currently the NILE office, located in the southwest end of the MetraPark grounds, will be the staging grounds for all donations to be dropped off.  Hay that is being donated needs to be good grass hay or an alfalfa/grass hay mix.  Water tanks over 100 gallons may also be donated.  At a later time there may be a need for additional items, at which time the NILE will make those needs known.  For those wishing to make a financial contribution, donations can be sent to the NILE Foundation or called into the office.  All donations will be offered a receipt.  The NILE Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. 

For those wishing to donate please call the NILE Office at 406.256.2495 or email:

Source:  NILE

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