Board of Livestock on “M” Branded Cattle


At the most recent Montana Board of Livestock meeting the board voted on two amendments that would make changes to current rules for livestock in Montana.

One proposal the board voted down was changes to how Mexican “M” branded cattle are brought into Montana.  The type of cattle at the center of the amendment were Mexican Corriente cattle used for the sport of rodeo and team roping. Current state law requires cattle that originate from Mexico, like roping steers, must have an M brand on them signifying they are from Mexico. As well, two negative tuberculosis tests completed for the cattle to enter the state. (Click here for more on the former proposed rule) 

After a public comment period and feed back from industry stakeholders the board decdied to vote down the proposed change. 

Dr. Martin Zaluski, State Veterinarian for Montana, discuses the recent  no vote by the Montana Board of Livestock  on the proposed change to Mexican “M” Branded Cattle Rules. Click the orange play button below for audio. 

The Board of Livestock did pass an amendment to a current rule that governs how certified alternative livestock owners (alternative livestock includes deer and elk) tag their livestock. Previously, only veterinarians could tag the alternative livestock. Now, certified alternative livestock owners can tag their livestock. Click the orange play button below for audio. 

In addition, the formation of a committee to address concerns over Montana meat inspection was created. Click here for that story. 

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