“Bone Yard” Alters Wolf Hunting Season


The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission voted last week so set a quota of 220 wolves for the 2011 Montana wolf hunting season.  During the discussion of that Commission meeting, it was brought forward by Chairman Bob Ream that there was a “dumping grounds” of sorts on the outskirts of Yellowstone National Park where bison carcasses were disposed of.  Because of its tendency to attract animals such as grizzly bears and wolves, the Commission slightly altered the hunting season proposal to reflect a higher number of wolves in that area.

We wanted to know more about the pit.


Al Nash, the Chief of Public Affairs for the Park explained the pit system within the Park.

We also asked Al what regulations or rules they followed in the disposal of the animals.

Al says that in 2010, this particular site at the north end of the Park was used to dispose of 17 carcasses of a variety of large animals.  Most of that, he says, occurred in the winter season.

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Haylie Shipp


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