Bovine TB Summit Set for Late July


Farm and Ranch Guide reports: 


USDA is planning a Bovine TB (tuberculosis) Summit to highlight the chronic bacterial disease that has seen a recent bump in cases over recent months with reported infections in five states including South Dakota.

Scheduled for July 26-27 in Fort Collins, Colo., the Bovine TB Summit will bring industry and regulators together to discuss how to modernize the TB program and work toward eradicating the disease from the United States, said Dr. Jack Shere, Chief Veterinary Officer of the United States, USDA/Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

“We have seen a slight increase in TB cases in the past year, and we remain committed to eliminating TB from domestic herds. Close collaboration between APHIS, states and industry is needed to reach this goal,” he added.

Recent months have seen cases reported in Indiana, Michigan, New Mexico, South Dakota and Texas. Canada also had its issues with the disease, with 40 premises in quarantine and 10,500 destroyed animals.

Until recent cases, the disease had thought to have been nearly been eliminated from the livestock population of the United States, considered by many to be one of the great animal and public health achievements in the U.S. However, the ultimate goal of eradication remains elusive for animal health officials who continue to detect TB sporadically in livestock herds, leading to reevaluation this summer.


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Source:  Farm and Ranch Guide



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