Bovine Tuberculosis Found in South Dakota Beef Herd



Associated Press reports: 

Officials confirm bovine tuberculosis has been found in a South Dakota beef herd.

State Veterinarian Dustin Oedekoven says meat inspectors initially identified the suspect animals in February during routine slaughter inspection of otherwise healthy appearing cattle. The cattle were traced to a herd in Harding County. Testing of the herd revealed additional infected animals.

Oedekoven says his office is working with the herd owner and U.S. Department of Agriculture officials to evaluate the extent of the disease. He says adjacent herds will be tested, and that bovine TB is not a food threat, because of milk pasteurization and meat inspection programs.

Bovine TB is a respiratory disease of cattle. South Dakota has been recognized as free of the disease since 1982, although the last affected herd was identified in 2011.


Source:  Associated Press



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