Budget Approval and Re-Elections From WBC


The Wyoming Beef Council (WBC) recently approved the budget and marketing plan for fiscal year 2011 and re-elected Chairman Spencer Ellis, Lovell, and Vice-Chairman Judy West, Chugwater, to serve in the leadership positions.

The FY2011 Budget anticipates beef checkoff collections to be $930,000, half of which will be remitted, as required by law, to the Cattlemen’s Beef Board for national promotions as determined by the Beef Promotion Operating Committee.  The Beef Promotion Operating Committee consists of producers representing State Beef Councils and producer members from the Cattlemen’s Beef Board.  The expenditure of the remaining $.50 of each dollar is determined by the members of the WBC.  Whenever possible, the WBC utilizes programs and materials designed with checkoff dollars pooled nationally to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the $1 per head producer investment. 

The WBC FY2011 marketing plan and budget includes print advertising, social media outreach, and public relations efforts designed to enhance the relationship between the consumer and beef producers.  Recent survey data shows that consumers who feel educated about beef production eat 2.6 more pounds of beef per year than those who feel less informed.  Not surprisingly, Wyoming consumers have a more favorable view of beef and how it is raised than their urban counterparts, making extension of programs into more populated areas of the country a priority for the WBC. To this end, $115,000 has been committed to investment in national programs to be conducted in larger population centers where beef consumption is lower than here at home.    

Reaching potential markets outside of the United States is also imperative to increasing carcass value and providing opportunities for profit to Wyoming beef producers.  Funds in the amount of $43,000 have been committed to export programs in FY2011 by the WBC.  These funds will be matched dollar for dollar with federal Market Access Program funds and will further be leveraged by partnership funds available in the markets where promotion will occur.

While consumer data and consumption in Wyoming is positive, it is important that we work to maintain beef’s position as center of the plate in Wyoming.  The FY2011 WBC budget includes funding for communications with health professionals, dietitians, teachers and extension educators in an effort to address misinformation regarding the nutritional value of beef and proactively communicate the sustainable nature of the beef business. Communication will occur through newsletters, advertisements, speaker sponsorships and dissemination of educational materials. For example, beef merchandising newsletters will be sent to Wyoming grocers to provide information, nutrition facts and to give them access to checkoff funded resources.  WBC staff will participate in the Taste of Home cooking schools with booths at four venues around the state.

Other projects to showcase beef include a “Steak for the Troops” dinner in conjunction with the Laramie County Fair, the Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs committee and other Ag organizations.

Other recipients of beef checkoff dollars in Wyoming include Wyoming CattleWomen, Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom, Wyoming FFA and 4-H and the University of Wyoming.  For a copy of the marketing plan and budget, please contact the Wyoming Beef Council, wybc2@qwest.net, 307-777-7396 or on the web at wybeef.com.

Source: Wyoming Beef Council

Posted by Kaci Switzer

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