Canadian TB: Officials Hopeful the Worst is Over


The Toronto Star reports: 


The quarantine of cattle in a western Canada bovine tuberculosis outbreak continues to grow, even as no new confirmed cases of the disease have been found.

Officials said Wednesday, however, they are now hopeful that the number of animals quarantined or needing to be destroyed may have peaked.

“There is this cautious optimism which exists that we can actually look at the investigation not spreading too far,” Dr. Harpeet Kochhar, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s chief veterinary officer, said during a telephone briefing.

The number of animals in quarantine has risen to 26,000, up from 22,000 last week and the number of ranchers under quarantine is now 50, up from 40 last week.  

Detailed inspections of animals for telltale signs of the disease have so far turned up nothing, beyond the cattle that were originally found to be infected.


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