Chickpea Acreage Up 53{43a21437b022293ea22983a65937d7e18883fb2ff2b11e03a1041d36bd400603} for 2017


The U.S. chickpea planting projections predict a record high for chickpea acreage for the second year in a row, a 53{43a21437b022293ea22983a65937d7e18883fb2ff2b11e03a1041d36bd400603} increase over 2016! Last year, the U.S. planted 325,300 acres of both large and small chickpeas. In 2017, they will be planting an additional 172,700 acres. That puts U.S. chickpea acreage projections at 498,000 acres.

Here’s how it breaks down. Note that Montana data is not reported separately, but is included in the “Other States” category. Small chickpeas are up 36{43a21437b022293ea22983a65937d7e18883fb2ff2b11e03a1041d36bd400603}, but large chickpeas are up 62{43a21437b022293ea22983a65937d7e18883fb2ff2b11e03a1041d36bd400603}, with an average chickpea increase of 53{43a21437b022293ea22983a65937d7e18883fb2ff2b11e03a1041d36bd400603} in the U.S. California is starting to grow a lot of large chickpeas, by the way, increasing their acreage by 27{43a21437b022293ea22983a65937d7e18883fb2ff2b11e03a1041d36bd400603}. In 2015, they grew 7,700 acres. Two years later, they plan to plant 13,000 acres, just two thousand acres shy of North Dakota intentions. However, the real eye opener here are the “Other States” category – a projection of 142{43a21437b022293ea22983a65937d7e18883fb2ff2b11e03a1041d36bd400603} increase in large chickpea acreage!

The big increases come in Montana, Idaho and Washington, so the question to ask is, if they’re planting this much chickpea seed, what crops are they not planting? In these areas, it’s safe to say that wheat is taking the biggest hit, but other pulses are on the chopping block as well.

Source: USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council

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