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Northern Ag Network Note:  The following article was posted on March 5, 2012.  Today (May 1) is the last day of the comment period.


Now it the time to comment on proposed changes to the Beef Checkoff Program!  The USDA did announce last week that they are proposing an expansion of contracting authority for the program.

Currently the Beef Promotion and Research Act requires that the Beef Promotion Operating Committee enter into contracts only with established national non-profit industry-governed organizations.  There is also the addition requirement that the organization or its successor must have been active and ongoing prior to 1986.

Worries have been expressed that this stipulation cuts out all organizations that have been established since then.  According to Montana Senator Jon Tester, “This has led to a lack of representation of the variety of industry voices in the management of the checkoff. Allowing newer organizations to fully participate will benefit producers, the checkoff, and the industry as a whole.”

The USDA is asking for your input on the changes.  Those comments are due by May 1.  For more details from the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service, CLICK HERE.  To be linked to to post your official comments, CLICK HERE.

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Haylie Shipp


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