Confirmed Wyoming Brucellosis Same Strain as Elk


The following is a press release from the Wyoming Livestock Board:

Wyoming State Veterinarian, Jim Logan, announced today that a new case of cattle Brucellosis has been verified in the state. We have been waiting on culture results from the National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Ames, Iowa since two seropositive thirteen month old heifers were found during a required change of ownership test conducted in late September. Those culture results were released today and Brucella abortus biovar 1 was identified.

Biovar 1 is the same Brucella type that has been found in the previous three cases in Park County Wyoming and is also the same strain found in elk in the area.

This case is now designated by USDA APHIS Veterinary Services as an “affected herd”.

Wyoming immediately quarantined the herd upon finding positive blood samples in September and has two contact herds under quarantine as well. One additional reactor animal was found on the first whole herd test. Herd testing on the contact herds has begun with all samples so far testing negative.

For more information please contact Dr Jim Logan, Wyoming State Veterinarian 307- 857- 4140, or Dr Bob Meyer, Wyoming Asssistant State Veterinarian 307 -777 -6440.

Source: Wyoming Livestock Board

Posted by Haylie Shipp


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