County Commissioner Describes Wildfire Devastation in Missouri Breaks


As the Lodgepole Complex Fire continues to burn out of control in Central Montana, an estimated 230,000 acres has already been scorched with just 5{b9074abe8f97d35d556dcc91d04f630e2f89dbb1fa8fca20af3e4b7ae12c3e5a} of the wildfire reported as contained.

The fire has left devastation in it's wake with with outbuildings, corrals, miles of fence line, pasture, hay and livestock lost.

This week the Northern Ag Network's Russell Nemetz spoke with Garfield County Commissioner Jerry Collins about the fire and help that's available for fire victims.



An outpouring of support is coming from across Montana and the nation. To see a complete list of where to send donations and see a list of goods and services needed, visit

Source: Northern Ag Network

Photo Courtsey of Joshua Pulst

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