Damages Caused by DAPL Protest Really Add Up for Local Farmers and Ranchers


KFGO reports: 


The North Dakota Agriculture Department has been adding up the numbers on damage and impacts to local farms and ranches caused by Dakota Access Pipeline protesters.

The report says 544 households were affected by the protest with an estimated $15,000 to $20,000 in individual damages.

23 livestock were killed or missing and 34 were injured. Ag Department employees spent 700 hours dedicated to “protest related activities.”  

The report also noted what it calls “Widespread emotional and mental distress and anguish for rural families” near the protest.

Besides leaving piles of garbage to be cleaned up, some protesters also abandoned their dogs and pets.  Volunteers are currently conducting searches to make sure all the animals are rescued.  

CLICK HERE to read the report.  


Source:  KFGO



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