Delisting Grizzly Bears in Montana Clears House Vote


Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports:

Montana lawmakers gave the initial OK to a resolution urging the wholesale removal of Endangered Species Act protections from all Montana grizzly bears, including those in areas where the federal government has not recommended delisting.

House Joint Resolution 15, sponsored by Rep. Steve Gunderson, R-Libby, cleared its first vote of the full House 63-37 on Tuesday, and on Wednesday passed a final vote of the House 63-37 on Wednesday. It will now go to the Senate. 

The resolution, which amounts to a policy letter and not a change in law, asks Congress to lift protections for bears in the state and return management to the state wildlife agency, a move that could eventually lead to the hunting of grizzlies. It does not require a signature by the governor.  

Gunderson said the grizzly bear, which is listed as a threatened species throughout the lower 48, has been recovered in the state and that it’s time to remove protections for the bears.

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Source:  Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Pixabay photo


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