Does EPA Regulation Impact Agriculture?


It’s safe to say that producers have become increasing wary, at the very least, of the amount of regulation that has come out of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The impact of EPA regulation on U.S. agriculture is something that is going to be looked at in detail by the U.S. House Committee on Agriculture this Thursday.  The hearing will be held at 2:00 EST (12:00 MST).

CLICK HERE to monitor the hearing live.

While talking to us during a press conference last week in Florida at the Commodity Classic, Secretary Vilsack said that he thinks this hearing will be a good thing.  He says that it will be helpful for folks to hear that EPA actions take place because they are instructed to do so by Congress, directed to do so by a court, or a combination of both.


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Haylie Shipp  


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