South Korea Beef Consumption Up Over 30{b5a992b8e63762954627fabd02ae0ce4cbdce5a7319b086354586c608f95fa42}


A recent report from South Korea showed that their beef consumption jumped up more than 30 percent in the past four years, causing the country to rely more on imports to meet domestic needs.

The farm ministry data said South Koreans consumed 434,000 tons of beef in 2010, or an average of 8.9 kilograms for each person living in the country. 

8.9 kg  x  2.2lb/kg  =  19.58 lb

While this is not a big number compared to annual consumption of beef in the U.S. (just over 60 pounds per person), this is a noticeable gain from 6.8 kilograms or roughly 15 lbs worth of beef consumed by South Koreans in 2006 and reflects the rise in income levels that have triggered demand for greater variety in food.


S. Korean Data from Yonhap News

Posted by Haylie Shipp


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