Don’t be a Statistic – Be Safe at the Workplace


With farm and ranch activities in full swing, it reinforces that safety always needs to be top of mind.  The majority of accidents in the work place are not caused by work place conditions, but the behavior of those working there.

This year we’ve seen an unusually high number of ATV accidents that have caused severe injury and even death.  Gene Surber with the Montana Ag Safety Program explains why they can be so dangerous:

Gene says your attitude for the day has a great deal to do with your behavior, which in many cases will determine how safe your day will be.

To learn more about the Montana Ag Safety Program and how to implement a safety program of your own and how you may quality for a 4{4d08edaf359bc2115b18a651716ebd427a137946ddca2143fa23b3ea721061e4} discount on workers comp, visit


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Russell Nemetz & Haylie Shipp



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