Dr. Angus McIntosh Speaking Engagement, Broadus MT


Dr. Angus McIntosh will be speaking in Broadus at the Community Center on January 16 at 5:00 pm. 

Dr. McIntosh has over 16 years of federal service working throughout the Western States primarily for the United States Forest Service and the Natural Resource Conservation Service as a Range Conservationist and Rangeland Management Specialist. Now he is a sought after expert on private property rights, having conducted over 60 seminars and workshops on valuation of property rights in Western states on federal land/split-estate ranches.

Dr. McIntosh is admitted as an Expert Witness in the Federal Courts and has given expert testimony and reports in the Federal District Courts of Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and the United States Court of Federal Claims. He has given testimony before the State Legislatures of Arizona, New Mexico, Montana and Nevada on Water Rights, Range Management and Federal Regulatory Impacts on Property Rights.

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