Emergency CRP Grazing Approved in 6 MT Counties


Drought conditions in Montana have prompted an announcement from Montana’s Farm Service Agency that “emergency grazing” will be allowed in six counties.  Producers in Rosebud, Beaverhead, Big Horn, Custer, Madison, and Yellowstone counties will be able to graze their CRP this year with a payment reduction.  If a contract holder doesn’t have the need to graze this year, they can lease the grazing privileges for the amount up to the payment reduction to other producers in need.  Approval does need to be obtained by the FSA office and any grazing of CRP will restart the contract holder’s 3-year rotation..  

Looking at the drought monitor, FSA’s Amy Webbink says more emergency grazing and/or haying announcements could be coming.

US Drought Monitor, July 3, 2012

This is a separate announcement from the “emergency use” declaration that came last week for Rosebud and Powder River counties.  That approval was to get livestock that needed to be moved due to fire onto safe ground.

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Haylie Shipp


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