FDA Gives Preliminary Approval for Biotech Salmon


The following article is from the National Association of Farm Broadcating:


The Food and Drug Administration considered the potential environmental impacts of the proposed action regarding salmon genetically engineered to grow faster than its counterpart and has now announced its preliminary decision that this would have no significant impact on the quality of human environment in the United States. 


The Center for Food Safety disagrees – saying this decision ignores objections of 400-thousand public comments and 40 members of Congress. Scientists wrote to President Obama in September – urging him to instruct FDA to improve the technology – saying there was more at stake than just fish. 


FDA says the fish is as safe as food from conventional Atlantic salmon. FDA initiated a 60-day comment period on Monday – but says it does not plan to extend the comment period – as the draft environmental assessment has been available for the past three-years.


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Source:  NAFB

Posted by Haylie Shipp



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