First New Livestock Marketplace in Montana Since 1962?


Robbie Cattle Company Inc. & Montana Cattle have announced that they have submitted a request for a livestock market day permit. This is the same permit held by the fourteen Livestock Auction Barns in the State of Montana. The permit would enable them to bring new marketing options to Montana Cattle Producers.

“In order to better serve and add value for our customers, we’re seeking this market day permit to allow cattle to be brand inspected upon arrival at our Yard and marketed by online auction to cattle buyers and feeders across the country,” says Boe Robbie of Robbie Cattle Company. “We will operate at a lower cost to producers, create more competition and better prices!”

The Board of Livestock received a petition letter from the owners, Boe, Mitzi and Scott Robbie, of Robbie Cattle Company & Montana Cattle in support of their proposed new livestock market center at their Park City stockyard location.

In a phone interview Robbie says, “What we want to do is have a pre-sort sale where we get cattle in on Monday, weigh them right away and then sort them into like-kind pens and then on Tuesday we’ll video those cattle and sell them as load lot groups so every producer has the selling power of a load lot.”

Per Administrative Rule of Montana 32.15.104, changes in operations of livestock markets are subject to approval by the Board of Livestock and requires a public hearing. The Montana Department of Livestock public hearing will be on October 8, 2019, at 4:00 p.m. at the Park City High School, 10 2nd Ave SW, Park City, Montana to receive public comment regarding the request. Lindsey Simon, Agency Legal Services, has been designated to preside over and conduct this hearing.

Robbie invites any interested producers to attend the hearing or submit comments to the department.

If granted, this would be the first new livestock market permit since 1962.



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Frank Reed

When are they gonna have a slaughterhouse in Montana for sheep?

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