FRAUD ALERT! MT Angus Members Receive Fraudulent Email


Northern Ag Network has been notified by Amy VanDyke-Crowder, Executive Administrator of the Montana Angus Association (MAA), that a fraudulent email has been distributed to the membership of the MAA.  She addresses the situation in the note below:



It has come to my attention that a fraudulent email was sent to Montana Angus Association members soliciting updates for the 2014 membership directory. The email was sent from: and is not in any way legitimate. Please do not respond to this message or open the attachment that was included as it may open you up to further spam, phishing or virus attacks.

Please check that any e-correspondence regarding the Association would come from: and not an alternate address.  Additionally, MAA would never solicit compromising personal information.  Please note that Montana Angus Association is not set up to process credit card transactions, so please be wary of any request seeking to obtain such information.

I believe this breach occurred because member emails are published on the Montana Angus website.  I will consult with an IT professional to learn if there is a way to better protect your contact information from scam artists while still keeping it available for people who would like to contact you for legitimate purposes.


If you have any questions regarding this manner, please contact Amy via email at or via telephone at (406) 388-1291. 


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Posted by Jami Howell

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