Corn Harvest Falls Behind, Wheat Planting Surges Ahead


As we continue to watch progress in the fields this fall, DTN reports that “in an “average” year more than half the nation's corn crop would be harvested by now and about two-thirds of the soybean crop.”

However, they report that 2014 isn't an average year.

From DTN:

“According to USDA's latest weekly Crop Progress report, as of Oct. 19, 31{28d451f77a4de8a52cd2586be6cc1800527fe70ea84e8b3f90098495d088e086} of U.S. corn was harvested and 53{28d451f77a4de8a52cd2586be6cc1800527fe70ea84e8b3f90098495d088e086} of the soybeans. That compares to 24{28d451f77a4de8a52cd2586be6cc1800527fe70ea84e8b3f90098495d088e086} and 40{28d451f77a4de8a52cd2586be6cc1800527fe70ea84e8b3f90098495d088e086} a week ago.

“This report should be viewed as neutral to bullish for corn as harvest progress continues to lag well behind its average pace,” said DTN Analyst Todd Hultman. “For soybeans, Monday's report should be viewed as neutral as harvest is slower than average, but continues to make good progress.”

Winter wheat is 76{28d451f77a4de8a52cd2586be6cc1800527fe70ea84e8b3f90098495d088e086} planted and 56{28d451f77a4de8a52cd2586be6cc1800527fe70ea84e8b3f90098495d088e086} emerged, compared to 68{28d451f77a4de8a52cd2586be6cc1800527fe70ea84e8b3f90098495d088e086} and 43{28d451f77a4de8a52cd2586be6cc1800527fe70ea84e8b3f90098495d088e086} last week and 77{28d451f77a4de8a52cd2586be6cc1800527fe70ea84e8b3f90098495d088e086} and 40{28d451f77a4de8a52cd2586be6cc1800527fe70ea84e8b3f90098495d088e086} on average. “Monday's report should be viewed as neutral with a good pace of winter wheat planting and crop emergence,” Hultman said.”

On a regional level:

MONTANA now sees 97{28d451f77a4de8a52cd2586be6cc1800527fe70ea84e8b3f90098495d088e086} of its winter wheat planted.  This is well ahead of last year and the 5-year average.  At 73{28d451f77a4de8a52cd2586be6cc1800527fe70ea84e8b3f90098495d088e086} emerged as of Sunday, that is well above the five-year average of 53{28d451f77a4de8a52cd2586be6cc1800527fe70ea84e8b3f90098495d088e086}.  Fifty-four percent of sugar beets have been harvested.  CLICK HERE for full NASS report.

winter wheat is all planted with 65{28d451f77a4de8a52cd2586be6cc1800527fe70ea84e8b3f90098495d088e086} of the crop emerged.  This is down nearly 30{28d451f77a4de8a52cd2586be6cc1800527fe70ea84e8b3f90098495d088e086} from the 5-year average.  Sixty-six percent of sugar beets have been harvested.  This is up from last year and the five-year average.  CLICK HERE for full NASS report.

SOUTH DAKOTA winter wheat is 94{28d451f77a4de8a52cd2586be6cc1800527fe70ea84e8b3f90098495d088e086} planted compared to a 91{28d451f77a4de8a52cd2586be6cc1800527fe70ea84e8b3f90098495d088e086} five-year average.  Sixty-three percent of the crop has emerged which is also close to steady.  Only 19{28d451f77a4de8a52cd2586be6cc1800527fe70ea84e8b3f90098495d088e086} of corn has been harvested, well behind 30{28d451f77a4de8a52cd2586be6cc1800527fe70ea84e8b3f90098495d088e086} at this time last year and the 45{28d451f77a4de8a52cd2586be6cc1800527fe70ea84e8b3f90098495d088e086} five-year average.  CLICK HERE for full NASS report.

NORTH DAKOTA winter wheat planting is 97{28d451f77a4de8a52cd2586be6cc1800527fe70ea84e8b3f90098495d088e086} complete, ahead of last year.  Emergence is also ahead of 2013 at 77{28d451f77a4de8a52cd2586be6cc1800527fe70ea84e8b3f90098495d088e086}.  The durum wheat harvest is now nearing its end with 97{28d451f77a4de8a52cd2586be6cc1800527fe70ea84e8b3f90098495d088e086} harvested as of this past Sunday.  The corn harvest, like South Dakota's, is well behind the five year average at 7 percent harvested.  CLICK HERE for full NASS report.


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