FSIS Paves Way for Interstate Meat Shipments


Foreign counties under trade policies can ship and sell meat and poultry anywhere in the United States.  But if those same products are offered from domestic sources, for example South Dakota, with anything less than federal inspection they can only be sold within that state.

USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service has announced a final rule that will change that (read the rule here).  Select establishments that have taken part in an interstate shipment program will have the option to ship meat and poultry products with the official USDA mark of inspection across state lines.  The product they are selling will be inspected by state personnel.

National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson says the new rule should increase market access for smaller plants and help increase competition. For family farmers and ranchers who utilize smaller plants, Johnson says the new rule will increase the market for their products and ensure they receive a fair price.

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